Sense about Science is an independent campaigning charity that challenges the misrepresentation of science and evidence in public life. We advocate openness and honesty about research findings, and work to ensure the public interest in sound science and evidence is recognised in public discussion and policy making.

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The end of the anti-lobbying clause

The government has thrown out the anti-lobbying clause. Today the government has published a new set ...

Transparency of evidence

Transparency of evidence: an assessment of government policy proposals May 2015 to May 2016. Can someone ...

2016 John Maddox Prize

Pioneer in understanding of human memory, Professor Elizabeth Loftus awarded the 2016 John Maddox Prize ...

Evidence, expertise, and facts in a “post-truth” society

The Oxford English Dictionary may have made post-truth its word of the year, but the events of 2016 were ...

Evidence Matters

On 1st November 2016 one hundred people from across the country went to parliament. 15 of them spoke on ...

The post-truth debate

One offshoot of the Brexit aftermath that is particularly disturbing is a growing obsession with the ...

Evidence Matters

Nice words

Sense about Science has done more on a charity shoestring than any official campaign to improve understanding of science.

Nick Ross

Sense about Science challenges bogus claims, urban myths and misleading twaddle.

Prue Leith

Sense about Science calmly asks for evidence for extraordinary claims

Gemma Arrowsmith

Having witnessed so much commitment, energy and impact, I am proud to be involved with Sense about Science.

Simon Singh

Curiosity is at the heart of what makes us great.

Derren Brown

Voice of Young Science

VoYS is a unique and dynamic network of early career researchers committed to playing an active role in public discussions about science. By responding to public misconceptions about science and evidence and engaging with the media, this active community of 2,000+ researchers is changing the way the public and the media view science and scientists.

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Latest Resources

Peer Review Survey 2009

Should peer review detect fraud and misconduct? What does it do for science and what does the scientific ...

Plant science questions?

Our plant science panel offers direct access to a pool of 50+ independent researchers who will answer ...

RAND report

RAND Europe collaborate with Sense about Science and the Nuffield Foundation: ‘Social change and public ...

Ask for evidence

Ask for Evidence is our public campaign to help people request for themselves the evidence behind news stories, marketing claims and policies.

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