Botany Live!

Credit Andrew Magill_ Flickr

Botany Live is an exciting opportunity to get a quick peek into a plant enthusiast’s life.

So far, an international community of researchers and botanical gardens from the UK, Germany, Panama, US and many more will share live videos to show their fascination of plants from the 18th to 21st of May 2017.

If the videos spark your interest and you have a question – any question – about what you see or plant science in general, our Plant Science Panel will be here to answer it. Tweet @senseaboutsci using #plantsci, or email us

A unique collaboration between Sense about Science, BBSRC, Nature Plants and fourteen leading research institutes, the panel is an online group of over 50 independent plant researchers who will answer your questions.

Got a plant science question? Tweet @senseaboutsci using #plantsci, or email us