Christmas giving

Our plans for 2018 depend on you and others like you for support. In these gift-buying weeks, if there is someone in your life who, like us, cares about evidence in public life, please consider making a donation to us in their name.

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Your details

So we can share the gift email with you and fulfil your pledge

Their details

So we can create the gift email for you to share with the lucky recipient


Let us know the amount you'd like to give, and if you'd like the gift to support a specific area of our work. The amount, and what it will support, will be detailed in the gift email.

What the gifts will support


​​Thousands of clinical trials haven't reported results. Many would cost over £1 million to run again, but £50 will help us launch a campaign to recover the missing results.

Ask for Evidence

Fake news is just one manifestation of the need to build a public language for critical thinking. £20 will help us distribute the 'Ask for Evidence' lesson plan we developed this year to interested schools and clubs across the UK.

Evidence Matters

It is crucial that everyone can scrutinise the evidence in government decisions in 2018. Our transparency of evidence review will be published in January. Donate £10 towards a fund to promote it in parliament and brief MPs.

General donation to Sense about Science

We'll put the money towards whatever is needed most. £50 will help host our website for the year ahead.