Evidence Matters EU

On 21 June, we’re going to the European parliament to tell its members and European commissioners that evidence matters to the public, and that we expect them to listen to evidence and discuss it openly. Come and join us!

We want to make sure EU citizen voices are heard in the EU parliament — and that its elected members know that the public care about evidence. We are expecting 100+ citizens at this event. At 7pm on Wednesday 21 June, 15-20 citizens from across the EU will each speak for one minute about why evidence matters on issues ranging from teaching to fishing and agriculture policy.

Our message is simple:

  • We expect the commission to use evidence when making policy.
  • We expect commissioners to explain their reasoning.
  • We expect parliament to seek and to scrutinise reasoning behind policies.

Frans Timmermans, first vice president of the European commission will then respond. Other parliamentarians and officials at the event will then have the opportunity to speak. We will also announce a citizen-led review to monitor the ‘best and worst’ of MEPs responses over the next 12 months (i.e., who has gone on to seek, scrutinise or use evidence in policymaking).

This event is hosted by Marco Affronte MEP, Julie Girling MEP, Ricardo Serrão Santos MEP and Jan Huitema MEP, a cross-party coalition who want to give citizens a voice.

Last year, a similar event was held in the UK parliament and you can watch the video here:

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