Dr Richard Clubbe

Richard joined Sense about Science in 2017, analysing how transparent government departments are about the evidence behind their policies. As research and policy officer, Rich works on our Transparency of evidence project, organises policy events and provides project research. He completed a PhD in synthetic biology at the University of Glasgow and has an MSc in biotechnology from the University of Edinburgh. During his time at university, Rich was involved with writing and editing for the student science and technology
publication the GIST, and in 2014 joined the Microbiology Society to complete a project in science policy. After spending several years in laboratory research, Rich realised he was more interested in the process by which scientific research is converted into real-world applications that can benefit society. He has also worked in industry for the synthetic biology company Ingenza and in the R&D department for
the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association.