A better conversation about covid-19 risk with the public

We wrote to government ministers asking them to embark on a better conversation with the public about Covid-19 risks. This should include frankness about low risk age groups and settings, honesty about where the government has calculated trade offs and what information it has and doesn’t have about these. We included some tables for government to fill out.

To increase the pressure on them to do so you can:

  • Send the letter to your MP
  • Send the letter to government ministers with your own covering letter
  • Share the letter with your colleagues and other networks

You can read download the full letter from Tracey Brown, director, Sense about Science; Carl Heneghan, professor of Evidence-Based Medicine & director of the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine, University of Oxford; and Graham Loomes, professor of behavioural science, University of Warwick, or view it on this webpage.

Tracey Brown and Carl Heneghan, have written in the Spectator arguing that if the PM wants the UK to be “normal by Christmas”, the government needs to improve its communication about Covid-19

Published 6 July 2020