Ask for evidence in the EU

The Ask for Evidence campaign is coming to Brussels! We want to encourage citizen and scientific groups to ask Parliament and the Commission to explain the evidence behind policies.

EU policy is made within the Brussels bubble, with Brussels-based think tanks and Brussels-based lobbyists. Even civil society organisations at EU level rarely speak to the people that they represent. We all know that the evidence behind policies is all too often ignored, abused or denied — especially when debates are polarised or large corporate or member state interests are at stake.

That’s why, as the director of Sense about Science EU, I’m bringing the Ask for Evidence campaign to Brussels. Businesses, NGOs and other stakeholder groups who advise and influence the policymakers can and should be held to account.

Find out how to ask for evidence on EU affairs

Read my Ask for Evidence on new EU rules proposing a digital ‘age of consent’: Do new EU rules restricting kids’ use of social media stack up?, Ask for Evidence (13 Jan 2017)

— Sofie

Published: 5 October 2016, updated 9 March 2017