Evidence Based Veterinary Medicine Matters

Veterinary leaders have come together to affirm their commitment to veterinary medicine based on sound scientific principles, in a new landmark publication produced by RCVS Knowledge and Sense about Science.

The commitment is set in the context of 14 case studies that showcase the impact of standout veterinary research and evidence. Spanning small animal, farm, equine, nursing, animal welfare and agriculture, the case studies show that different types of evidence have been key to  major steps forward in veterinary medicine.

From the creation of an evidence-based plan to control mastitis in dairy cows, to using diagnostics to help bulldogs breathe, the publication will empower vets and their teams to use evidence across all areas of practice.

Veterinary medicine has long faced challenges from treatments that avoid rigorous scrutiny – this move from major veterinary players is a commitment to the use of a recognised evidence base, strengthening their commitment to putting animal health and welfare at the front of all they do.

The full commitment and portfolio of case studies can be read in Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine Matters.

Read the full press release here.


Published: 20 November 2019