Evidence Week 2019

In June 2019 the second Evidence week in UK Parliament was held.

Evidence Week in the UK Parliament equips MPs with the tools they need to interrogate evidence across a range of policy issues. Between elections, parliament is fundamental to scrutinising the evidential reasoning of policy. Increasingly, this means asking searching questions of new sources of data, as well as considering complex interactions between variables and trade offs.

In June 2019 more than 100 MPs and peers got involved in Evidence. They received 3-minute briefings from researchers at ‘evidence pods’ in Upper Waiting Hall in the House of Commons, on how to handle the evidence on 20 pressing policy issues.

For more details on the pods read our 2019 brochure.

Innovative 3-minute briefings

We brought in 20 research groups from partner organisations to host innovative evidence pods. These 3-minute briefings tackled issues such as how to: visualise community inequalities, work out the effect of pupil premium or see the scale of the drone noise problem. We counted 163 of these innovative briefings given to MPs and peers across the two days.


Evidence Week is in partnership with the House of Commons Library, POST (the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology) and the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee. Sense about Science is grateful for the support of our principal partners SAGELSE and Wiley, our Evidence Pod partners as well as British Pharmacological Society and Imperial College London who have contributed towards funding Evidence Week 2019. Find out more about our Evidence Week partners here.

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Published: 7 June 2019