Getting your research into parliament

CC BY 1.0

We’ve collaborated with the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) and Taylor & Francis to create a guide for researchers to engage with policymaking

“Providing evidence for policymaking is an important part of my role as a researcher – this is when evidence really matters. I look forward to doing more of this and would encourage other researchers, especially those early on in their career, to get involved too.” – Dr Stephanie Wright, postdoctoral researcher and VoYS member, King’s College London

There are a number of ways that research enters Parliament, and these range from the formal to the more ad hoc. Whilst giving evidence to Select Committees is perhaps the most well-established mechanism, there are a number of other routes, including through the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, the Libraries and All-Party Parliamentary Groups.

Read the guide in full: Getting your research into parliament. Taylor & Francis Author Services (18 October 2017)

Published: 25 October 2017