Making Sense of Uncertainty: the slide guide

During the coronavirus pandemic we have seen a huge need for a greater shared understanding in how we can deal with uncertainty in scientific evidence. In response we have developed this update to our 2013 guide, Making Sense of Uncertainty working with Dr Matthias Wienroth from Northumbria University.

Understanding what it means to be uncertain in a scientific context, and how different kinds of uncertainty affect our decision making is key for knowing if the evidence that important policy decisions are made with can bear the weight that we put on it.

Please share these slides with your networks, and use them when having those difficult discussions both about policy decisions that affect us, and the about the personal navigation of risk that we all have to undertake.

Our thanks also to Dr James Painter, Dame Ottoline Leyser, Sir David Spiegelhalter, Professor Bobby Duffy, Dr Alexandra Freeman, Professor Dame Anne Glover and the National Measurement Laboratory for their great insights and to everyone who responded to our appeal for funds to support this work including Northumbria University.


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Published 29 April 2021