New research on MPs’ and the public’s attitudes to evidence

Ipsos MORI has today published new research on MPs’ and the public’s attitudes to evidence.

“In a single day MPs can be expected to move from making decisions on cancer screening to the environmental impact of smart motorways, to whether there is a housing crisis and how to assess risk from drones. These are all issues that require asking searching questions of complex evidence. They should be encouraged in this by the fact that evidence matters to the people they represent. In our experience, people from all walks of life and all over the UK care that evidence is used, discussed honestly and that people in power are in a position to scrutinise it properly. For the 21st century this means knowing what an algorithm is and being able to interrogate bias and research quality.”

Tracey Brown – director of Sense about Science, which began running Evidence Week in Parliament in 2018.

During Evidence Week 2019 Sense and Science and Ipsos MORI collaborated on Evidence related issues facing MPs, which was a look at Ipsos MORI’s multi-client biannual survey of MPs.

Published: 10 December 2019