Plant science questions?

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We have 50+ independent researchers on our panel who will answer questions from the public about plants, agriculture, and the environment.

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Public access to reliable, comprehensible information about innovation in plant science is limited. People are concerned about scare stories they see and hear as well as being interested in the developments they read about. But if you have a question, who do you ask? By submitting a question – any question – to our plant science panel, a member of the public can get a direct answer from someone working in that field. We don’t edit questions. We don’t pick questions or ignore questions. We just get them answered.

A unique collaboration between Sense about Science, BBSRC, Nature Plants and fourteen leading research institutes and learned societies from across the UK, the panel reached more than two million people in 2015-16 through a combination of live online Q&As and ongoing questions posed by the public via email and social media.



Plant science panel partners 2017: BBSRC, Biochemical Society, Genetics Society, IFST, The James Hutton Institute, The John Innes Centre, Nature Plants, Rothamsted Research, Royal Society of Biology, TSL, The Sainsbury Laboratory University of Cambridge, UK plant science federation, The University of Sheffield, University of Warwick


Published: 13 September 2016