Response to article claiming that an ingredient in chemical sunscreens may ‘speed the development of malignant cells and tumours’.

An article published on Thursday April 7th 2016 in the Metro (page 31, login to access) claimed that some chemical sunscreens contain an ingredient that may “speed the development of malignant cells and tumours when applied to the skin before exposure.” In the article, a dermatologist said they “wouldn’t recommend anyone uses a chemical sunscreen.”

Fiona Osgun, Cancer Research UK’s health information officer, responded:

“There’s no good evidence showing that chemicals in cosmetics like sunscreen could cause cancer, and both the EU and the UK have strict rules about product safety. We’d also advise people to be wary of any ‘natural’ cosmetic that can’t scientifically back up any claims to have health benefits over conventional products.”


Published: 11 April 2016