Transparency in the government response to COVID-19

As the government response to COVID-19 is scrutinised by experts and non-experts alike across the country, it is imperative that we can all understand why decisions have been made. In 2017 we scored 94 policies across 12 government departments based on how transparent they were about the evidence behind the policy. Policies in this spot check were scored against a framework looking at the Diagnosis, Proposal, Implementation and Testing & Evaluation plans of policy proposals. We have alerted key government departments to this again to help them keep people informed to the fullest possible extent.

Our Director Tracey Brown says “Policy is is always a mix of judgement, evidence, values, best guesses (expertise). The Transparency of Evidence framework enables government departments and agencies to check that they have been as transparent as they should be – and as the public thinks they should be – about the evidence they’ve used and their chain of reasoning.”

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Published 16 March 2020