Nearly half of trials run by major trial sponsors in the last decade are missing results according to a new automated clinical trials tracker launched today.

The TrialsTracker* identifies trials on the world’s largest clinical trial register,, that haven’t published results two years after the end of the trial. The TrialsTracker shows that:

  • 45.2% of trials conducted by major sponsors during the last decade are missing results.
  • Since January 2006, major trial sponsors completed 25,927 eligible trials and haven’t published results for 11,714 of them.
  • One trial sponsor has published no results at all for any of the 35 trials it has run in the last 10 years: Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited, a multinational pharmaceutical company with headquarters in India.
  • One trial sponsor has published results for all of the 96 trials it has run in the last 10 years: Shire, a multinational pharmaceutical company headquartered in Ireland.
  • The top twenty trial sponsors as ranked by the tracker – those with the lowest proportion of trials that haven’t published results – are all pharmaceutical companies.

(The TrialsTracker is automatically updated when new information is added to the clinical trial register The information above was correct as of 2nd November 2016.)

The TrialsTracker was developed by academics at the University of Oxford. These researchers have estimated that 8.7 million patients were enrolled in the 11,714 trials identified by the tracker as missing results. More detail on the development of the Trials Tracker tool and its background are available in a paper: The TrialsTracker: automated ongoing monitoring of failure to share clinical trial results by all major companies and research institutions by Anna Powell-Smith and Ben Goldacre published today in F1000Research.

Find out more on the AllTrials website.

Published: 3 November 2016