Evidence Week

Evidence Week takes place annually in Parliament, bringing researchers and parliamentarians together to discuss ways of using evidence in policy.

Evidence Week is held annually in UK Parliament, and brings together researchers, community groups and parliamentarians to share ideas about research and policy.

Parliament is where the issues that affect us are raised, debated and reasoned through. MPs move from discussing the impact of housing policies in their constituencies to debating extended cancer screening programmes; from interrogating the assumptions behind the user-demand models for HS2 to questioning the Treasury on which regions will benefit from a new innovation fund.

It’s a tall analytical order for people whose primary job is to represent their constituencies and parties, but we believe that MPs don’t need a scientific background to understand evidence. Evidence Week is an opportunity for the public, parliamentarians, and researchers to come together to share knowledge and insights that will help politicians scrutinise evidence.

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“Worrying about whether politicians have science backgrounds is a mistake. What we should ask is, what are the insights and resources from research that would help politicians? That’s what Evidence Week is for.” – Tracey Brown, director, Sense about Science

Evidence Week 2020

Evidence Week 2020 took place on November 16th-20th. In its third year, Evidence Week took place virtually, opening up an exciting new way for researchers, constituents, and parliamentarians to come together to discuss evidence in policymaking, as well as sharing ideas, techniques, and resources to help decision-makers get across complicated policy issues.

Evidence Week 2020

Evidence Week 2019

In 2019 more than 100 MPs and peers got involved in Evidence Week. We brought in 20 research groups from partner organisations to host innovative evidence pods. These 3-minute briefings tackled issues such as how to: visualise community inequalities, work out the effect of pupil premium or see the scale of the drone noise problem. We counted 163 of these innovative briefings given to MPs and peers across the two days.

Evidence Week 2019

Evidence Week 2018

The first ever Evidence Week was held in 2018. The week was opened by 30 community groups who spoke in parliament to MPs about why evidence matters to them. On the day of a Commons debate on improving air quality, experts in monitoring and health effects from UCL, Southampton, Manchester and King’s College London briefed MPs at the stand. Evidence Week ended with a high level roundtable about what people want and need from evidence gathering, which SAGE will publish as a discussion paper this autumn.

Evidence Week 2018



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