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Institute of Physics

The Institute of Physics is the professional body and learned society for physics in the UK and Ireland, inspiring people to develop their knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of physics. We work with a range of partners to support and develop the teaching of physics in schools; we encourage innovation, growth and productivity in business including addressing significant skills shortages; and we provide evidence-based advice and support to governments across the UK and in Ireland.

Policy Briefing

Contribution of Physics to Net Zero

Tackling climate change requires several interventions in different areas of energy production to reduce carbon emissions. Physics is at the heart of driving the development of new crucial low-carbon technologies to help the UK achieve Net Zero.

Additional Resources

Danni Croucher

Danni is a Senior Policy Advisor at the Institute of Physics (IOP) specialising in science and innovation policy. Previously working for the National Physical Laboratory, Danni works on cross-cutting policy topics for the improved health, wealth and prosperity of the UK, from climate change to next generation research and technology.

Georgina Phillips

Georgina is the Inclusion in Education Manager. She’s responsible for overseeing the IOP’s work in pre-19 education to increase the number of young people from currently under-represented groups progressing in physics. She is working on the Limit Less campaign that looks to influence the influencers of young people.

Samantha Borley

Samantha is the Education Manager in Wales for IOP, with oversight of the Stimulating Physics network and Whole School Equity and Inclusion projects. She has a background in renewable energy and sustainability, having worked as an energy consultant and a climate change advocate prior to her current position.