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Policy briefing

The basis of public support for climate policies

The public understand the need to tackle climate change, but public acceptance of policies such as carbon tax can be problematic and hard to convey. Learn about factors that can enhance the public acceptability of climate policies.

Additional Resources

Dr Joanna Depledge

Research Fellow, Cambridge Centre for Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance. Joanna sits on the Editorial Board of the journal Climate Policy, which publishes research on policy responses to climate change.  Joanna is available to discuss evidence on how to design effective climate policies, and the COP 26 climate negotiations

Dr Sanna Markkanen

Research Programme lead and Senior Analyst, Centre for Policy and Industrial Transformation (CPIT), Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL), University of Cambridge. Sanna holds a PhD in social policy and has extensive expertise in social policy evaluation. She works closely together with the Corporate Leaders Group, which brings together progressive businesses that support UK climate leadership. Sanna is available to discuss climate change, inequality, housing and various aspects of the energy transition.

Dr Andrew Kelly

Journals Portfolio Manager, Taylor & Francis. Andrew holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Bath. Andrew is currently responsible for a portfolio of Earth & Environmental Science research journals at academic publisher Taylor & Francis. Andrew is available to discuss opportunities for incorporating current academic research into evidence-based policy advice and decision-making.

Priya Madina

Director of Policy and External Affairs, Taylor & Francis. Following ten years in the pharmaceutical industry in a variety of government affairs, policy and market access roles, Priya now leads Taylor & Francis’ global policy positioning around issues including regulation, funding frameworks in Open Access and beyond.