John Maddox Prize

The John Maddox Prize recognises the work of individuals who promote science and evidence, advancing the public discussion around difficult topics despite challenges or hostility.

The 2020 John Maddox Prize has been jointly awarded to Dr Anthony Fauci and Prof Salim Abdool Karim for standing up for science during the coronavirus pandemic. The early career award has been awarded to Prof Anne Abbott. Learn more about our winners here

The John Maddox prize is a joint initiative of the charity Sense about Science and the leading international scientific journal Nature. The Prize has been awarded annually since 2012 to researchers who have shown great courage and integrity in standing up for science and scientific reasoning against fierce opposition and hostility. Each year there is one winner, and an additional prize for an early career researcher.

The prize brings into the spotlight the difficulty faced by many who fight to share the results of research evidence, and inspires and encourages people the world over to do the same. In 2019 there were over 200 nominations from 38 countries.

Sir John Maddox, whose name this prize commemorates, was a passionate and tireless champion and defender of science, engaging with difficult debates and inspiring others to do the same. As a writer and editor, he changed attitudes and perceptions, and strove for better understanding and appreciation of science throughout his long working life.

“Denouncing fearlessly what he believed to be wrong, dishonest or shoddy, he changed attitudes and perceptions, and strove throughout his long working life for a better public understanding and appreciation of science.”Walter Gratzer

The winner of the John Maddox Prize receives £3000. The award is presented at a reception hosted at Wellcome Collection in November.

“Standing up for psychological science has brought a good deal of hostility my way. Receiving this honor helps to erase the pain of insults, death threats, and lawsuits.”Professor Elizabeth Loftus, winner Maddox Prize 2016

Maddox Prize news

Maddox Prize 2020

Anthony Fauci and Salim S. Abdool Karim, key government health advisors for the United States of America …

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Thank to everyone who has supported the Maddox Prize so far, especially those who have put in a nomination …

Nominations for the John Maddox Prize 2020 open

Researchers who have shown great courage and integrity in standing up for science and scientific reasoning …

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Olivier Bernard, a pharmacist from Quebec, has been awarded the John Maddox Prize for an early career …

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Maddox Prize 2018

The winners of the 2018 Maddox Prize are Professor Terry Hughes and Britt Hermes

2017 John Maddox Prize

Women’s health champion, Dr Riko Muranaka, awarded the 2017 John Maddox Prize for Standing up for Science. Dr …

2016 John Maddox Prize

Pioneer in understanding of human memory, Professor Elizabeth Loftus awarded the 2016 John Maddox Prize …

2015 John Maddox Prize

Prof Edzard Ernst and Prof Susan Jebb are the two winners of the 2015 John Maddox Prize for Standing …

2014 John Maddox Prize

Dr Emily Willingham and Dr David Robert Grimes are the two winners of the 2014 John Maddox Prize …

2013 John Maddox Prize

Professor David Nutt is the winner of the 2013 John Maddox Prize for Standing up for Science. The …

2012 John Maddox Prize

Professor Simon Wessely and Fang Shi-min are the two winners of the inaugural John Maddox Prize for …


The prize is a joint initiative of Sense about Science and the science journal Nature. The late Sir John Maddox, FRS, was editor of Nature for 22 years and a founding trustee of Sense about Science. His daughter Bronwen Maddox is the patron of the prize.

The Maddox Prize is funded by the work of the organisations concerned and by public donations.

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