Ask For Evidence – Insights Report

Here you can find our insights report on the project ‘Building an ambassador-led campaign to scrutinise health and research claims’.  

The report explains how, with the support of the Wellcome Trust, we expanded and diversified our ambassador programme so that our Ask for Evidence campaign could reach even more people in harder to reach communities. Ask for Evidence empowers the public to investigate questionable health and research claims made in advertising, the media and online – whether by celebrities, companies, organisations or politicians.

The ambassador programme surpassed our expectations; 4000 people attended Ask for Evidence talks in communities across the UK and 80% of them said they were more likely to ask for evidence as a result. Of course, there were challenges too, not least a pandemic developing mid-way through the rollout of our project and so we also capture what we, and particularly our ambassadors, feel worked and what we could have done differently. We hope you find it a useful and interesting read, especially if you are thinking of running a grassroots campaign yourself.  

We are grateful for the support from Wellcome for this project. We intend to continue our efforts so that asking for evidence remains a national conversation.  If the Ask for Evidence campaign or any aspect of the project interests you, please do get in touch.