Dr Hamid Khan

Programme Manager - Research Culture and Quality

Hamid joined Sense about Science in January 2019 as the Public Engagement Coordinator and is now Programme Manager for Research Culture and Quality. He leads Sense about Science’s international Quality and Peer Review programme promoting open and honest discussion of research quality among the research and scholarly publishing communities. He advocates positive changes in research culture that would help to put quality at the heart of the public, policy and media discussion of science and evidence. He is a strong supporter of researchers involving the public at the earliest stage in disseminating their research findings. An experienced public engagement specialist, panel chair and speaker, Hamid leads the Voice of Young Science (VoYS) network, helping early career researchers and young scientists build confidence in media, policy and public engagement. He is the first point of contact for the thousands of ECRs and volunteers in the network who want to stand up for science.

Hamid also performs the essential role of recruiting and managing our brilliant interns and manages the nomination and judging processes for the John Maddox Prize.

Hamid has a PhD in nanomaterials chemistry from the University of Southampton, where he also completed a Master’s in chemistry.