In 2020 we brought Evidence Week in Westminster to a virtual platform that introduced a new and radical way for researchers and constituents to engage with parliamentarians and staff. This event has always been unique and bringing it to a virtual space gave us more opportunities to engage with our audience and the material in a way that no one else is doing.

This year in Westminster we will deliver an innovative hybrid programme building upon the success of the 2020 online format and reintroducing the strengths of the physical format from 2018 and 2019. Evidence Week in Holyrood will be held as an online event, to avoid disruptions by changing COVID-19 restrictions.

Evidence Week in both Westminster and Holyrood will bring parliamentarians and researchers together to champion the use of high-quality evidence to develop policy, enrich parliamentarians’ understanding of key policy issues and develop researchers’ capacity to engage with policymakers.

Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more about becoming an Evidence Week partner at Westminster and/or Holyrood this year. We are asking potential partners to submit a short summary of the research topic they would like to feature.

Why partner?

Partnering Evidence Week 2022 will amplify your organisation’s standing as an active and engaged member of the movement for evidence. Evidence Week is about ensuring parliament is equipped to scrutinise evidence in policymaking. The opportunity is an innovative way to make an impact among MPs, policymakers and parliamentary staff. By supporting this unique event your organisation will have the opportunity to:

  • interact directly with engaged MPs and peers from across the political spectrum and parliamentary staff
  • learn about and contribute to the latest evidence-related issues facing MPs at constituency and national level
  • meet with other evidence organisations and members of the public at the opening event and through networking opportunities
  • position your organisation as an active and engaged member of the movement for evidence.

Developing your Evidence Week content

For Holyrood and Westminster, we work with our partners to develop Evidence Briefings for organisations to share insight or resources that will facilitate parliamentary scrutiny of evidence and policy.

The most successful events during previous Evidence Weeks involved providing MPs, peers and parliamentary staff with access to different kinds of data, with a promise of being able to learn something useful in just a few minutes. Research relating to prominent and complex policy areas (e.g. climate change and energy sources, data science, ‘wicked’ social policy issues) was a particular draw, as was research that could be broken down by constituency or region. These sessions actively engaged MPs, including those who do not usually come to science-related events.

Briefings on issues relating to current debates and bills are always popular. This year, to strengthen the message of Evidence Week, we will be actively seeking partners with an interest in one of the following three themes: climate change, health and AI & data science. These themes will reflect the current debates occurring in parliament and equip MPs with the evidence they will need to shape the debate in these policy areas.

We have found that the most successful 3-minute briefings meet the following criteria:

  1. Offer MPs, peers and parliamentary staff the chance to learn something useful in just a few minutes.
  2. Illuminate a concept or share insight that will aid scrutiny of evidence or policy.
  3. Relate to an area of interest to MPs – either on a local or national level

If you have an idea for an Evidence Briefing that you think will work well but does not fit the above criteria or themes, or if you are not sure how to frame your topic we would be happy to discuss it with you.

To get in contact please email Mariam Kazem-Malaki – [email protected]