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Scientific evidence can be a powerful tool for insight, accountability and change. Yet public life often revolves around claims based on poor or misrepresented evidence. We want to change that.

We challenge the misrepresentation of science and evidence in public life and intervene – often in partnership with others – to hold those responsible to account.

Assessing government transparency

We have spot checked government policies produced by 12 departments, to assess how transparent they were about the evidence behind the policy, in partnership with the Institute for Government and the Alliance for Useful Evidence. This follows on from our assessment of good and bad practice across government.

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We call for open and honest reporting of research, and we support researchers who speak out in the face of hostility or intimidation.

The John Maddox Prize

The John Maddox Prize recognises the work of individuals who promote sound science and evidence on a matter of public interest, facing difficulty or hostility in doing so.

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We prioritise the socially and scientifically difficult issues – like plant science and energy.

We mobilise the public to ask for evidence, offering insight into how to analyse evidence and ask the right questions.

Peer review

Sharing the value of peer review with the public is a central part of our work in helping people make sense of science and evidence.

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We encourage researchers and decision makers to talk about evidence, particularly when it is controversial or difficult.

Voice of Young Science

VoYS is our unique and dynamic network of early career researchers across Europe committed to playing an active role in public discussions about science. By responding to public misconceptions about science and evidence and engaging with the media, this active community of 3,000+ researchers is changing the way the public and the media view science and scientists.

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Making Sense Of…

Our Making Sense Of guides focus on socially and scientifically difficult issues where evidence is neglected, politicised or misleading. We pull together a working group to tackle areas of interest and concern and work together to answer the most pressing questions on the subject from the public.

Making Sense of Nuclear

Sharing science and evidence with the public

Most credible scientific bodies are firmly behind the notion of public engagement, but not everyone has the knowledge or expertise needed to get it right. That’s where we come in. Our public engagement team helps scientists to communicate difficult research findings simply and accurately. We make sure the public’s questions are heard – and answered.

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