Risk Know-How

Risk Know-how is aimed at supporting communities around the world as they navigate risk information, assessing benefits and trade-offs within the context of their own community.

Working with a range of community leaders – practitioners who engage their communities in clarifying risk information – around the world, and leading figures in statistics, risk literacy and communication, we have developed a practical framework for risk know-how. The framework, covers both a description of outcomes of what a community can do, as well as how they can achieve those outcomes. This will be the structure on which people can find information and add their own experiences over the next 12 months, and it will continue to develop through use and feedback.

Risk know-how is not about getting people to make decisions others approve of. It should instead emphasise protection against misinformation and misperception and encapsulate the concepts that equip people to access and deal in the same information, even if how they feel about it differs. It should also provide useful experiences that others can learn from.

To achieve this, we will develop a user-led platform that helps people who want to be empowered to weigh reliable information and make decisions in a way that fits their situation, and which is tailored to people who find themselves at the centre of discussions in their communities and helping others to navigate risk information.

Risk know-how is an international partnership between Sense about Science and Lloyd’s Register Foundation, with support from colleagues at the Institute for the Public Understanding of Risk at the National University of Singapore.