Funding policy

The trustees’ policy is to ensure that the charity Sense about Science is not dependent upon a single source of funding and receives its financial support from a diversity of sources: it currently receives funding from trusts and foundations, individual scientists and members of the public, learned societies, scholarly publishers and other organisations that support our aims and values. Sense about Science’s principal funding is through grants and donations in respect of its core aims.

All financial support is governed by our funding principles:

  • We encourage donations from organisations that support our aims and values
  • We value our integrity and independence and all donations are accepted in this spirit
  • We support transparency by encouraging donors to be named on our website (previous two years), although we approach this on a case by case basis as anonymity may be appropriate in some instances
  • We encourage donations from organisations with a strong interest in science and evidence in society, although we do not accept donations where there is a risk of conflict of interest
  • We welcome donations from individuals, including those linked to payroll giving
  • We achieve a diversity of donations to ensure we are not reliant or influenced by a single organisation

Donations from individuals and small private trusts will be acknowledged publicly at the request of the donor.

Occasional direct sponsorship of activities will be by written agreement. Direct sponsorship of activities will also be acknowledged on related publicity.

Questions about funding should be addressed to: The Board of Trustees, Sense about Science, 14A Clerkenwell Green, London EC1R 0DP or via email to [email protected]

Updated: July 2017